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-spearheaded by the COPC: Community Dialogue Series

1. Life Long Learning-Education Opportunities

Contact: Morris Area Public School: Morris Community Ed, M.A.H.S.'& University of Minnesota-Morris (UMM)
Services Available: Learn English as a Second Language through the Morris Literacy Project(Sal)'s every Wednesdays @7p-9pm ESL/GED Class (Steve) at the Morris Elementary School [only when school is in session]. Will try to meet during the summer-possibly evey other Wednesdays (when Sal isn't scheduled to work) at Morris Public Library!

Vamos Juntos: ESL Classes (1st 11'-12' Kickoff Celebration on Thursday, September 15th 2011 at UMM's Imholte Building)

Jane Addams ESL Classes End of the Year Potluck Public at Federated Church on Monday, April 30th 2012.


Contact: Noe Lopez (UMM Student)-translator (hable espanol) and/or Allan Saugstad ( of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans-Services
Services Available: financial advice on savings, investments, insurance, retirement, etc...


  • Bilingual Kindergarten for Morris Area 7/20/11,>
    "Morris Area Kindergarten students will now receive some instruction in Spanish. The Morris Area School Board voted earlier this week to institute a pilot program in their Kindergarten classrooms that will continue the Spanish instruction children currently see in pre-school. Elementary Principal Brad Korn presented 4 options to the board, pointing out that option 1 was his preferred option. The board agreed, unanimously agreeing to institute Spanish instruction in all Kindergarten classrooms several days a week...

    2. Valuing Diversity

    Contact: Human Rights Commission, UMM's United Latinos & M.A.H.S.' Spanish Club



    Lazos Fundraiser at Faith Lutheran Church

    MorrisStuff's Lazos Annual Fundraiser 2013 album on Photobucket


  • Lazos offers ties for Morris’ Hispanic community, Published April 14, 2012, 05:00 AM By: Kim Ukura, Morris Sun Tribune

  • Lazos will be holding its second annual “Cinco de Mayo” dinner fundraiser on Friday, April 20 at the American Legion. The proceeds from this fundraiser, which attracted more than 200 people last year, are used to support Lazos' efforts to connect the Hispanic community in Morris.
    {photo} "MORRIS, Minn. - For many members of Morris' growing Hispanic community, life in Morris is a time set off by parentheses, a time to work before going back to the lives and families they left behind in Mexico.
    One of the major goals of Lazos, a community group that reaches across the various demographics of Morris, is to inspire members of the Hispanic Community to make something better out of their time in parentheses, to get to know their neighbors, to improve themselves and to grow as a person while they are here, said Edna Mar, owner of La Tienda and co-founder of Lazos.
    Lazos – which translates to “ties” in English – was founded last spring to try and help local Hispanics connect with each other and with the Morris community, said Lazos co-founders Windy Roberts and Hilda Latner.
    Lazos will be holding its second annual “Cinco de Mayo” dinner fundraiser on Friday, April 20 at the American Legion. The proceeds from this fundraiser, which attracted more than 200 people last year, are used to support Lazos' efforts to connect the Hispanic community in Morris. The fundraiser also serves as an opportunity to share their work with the community and try to recruit more help for projects.
    “The hard thing has been explaining that it's not that we have a 'needy' Hispanic community,” said Roberts. “They are very able, they have their jobs, they have beautiful families. We wanted to find ways to integrate them better, to create opportunities where they could mingle with each other and the Morris community in different ways.”
    One of the group's biggest successes and ongoing projects is support and organization for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes offered in partnership with Morris Community Education and the University of Minnesota, Morris.
    In the past, ELS offerings in Morris were available, but they were isolated and without many resources. Working with Robert Frischmon at Riverview Dairy, Lazos developed a more focused ESL curriculum that includes new books and resource materials for instructors, placement tests and four different class levels based on ability.
    Keni Zenner, a University of Minnesota, Morris senior and member of Lazos, is one of the volunteer ESL instructors. Zenner said the classes are designed to teach English as a means of social empowerment for participants.
    “It is about teaching English for integration, but also teaching English so that people can feel comfortable going and talking to different people or feel comfortable defending themselves if they need too,” said Zenner.
    Lazos member Citlali Ibañez, has been participating in the ESL classes for two years. Ibañez moved to Morris about two-and-a-half years ago with her husband and children, nine-year-old Natalia and five-year-old Mario.
    “When I first came, Edna helped me with everything, with everything I didn't know,” said Ibañez. In addition to helping her navigate Morris better, learning English has helped her communicate and support her children.
    Mar, who serves as a resource for the Hispanic community in Morris, said she has seen a positive evolution related to the classes, that people who previously didn't see a need to learn English are making an effort to learn.
    Zenner added that the classes are always looking for more community members to help teach new ESL classes; most of the classes are currently taught by UMM students. Potential instructors – who do not need to be able to speak Spanish – will go through literacy training and have resources available to help them learn how to teach.
    “Having adults from the Morris community would be a really great link, a nice 'safety net' – ESL students would be able to go talk with those teachers that they know are supportive of them,” said Zenner.
    Money from the fundraiser has also been used to help sponsor a community meal, coordinate a winter indoor soccer league and summer soccer tournament for the local Hispanic community and purchase soccer equipment and games for a weekend event at the Regional Fitness Center.
    Long-term, the goal is to make the projects Lazos has started and supported self-sustainable so the group can move on to connecting organizations and developing other programs.
    Roberts, a Spanish teaching specialist at UMM, is currently working with Stacy Aronson, associate professor, and students Jordan Wente and Cristina Montanez to chronicle the Latino experience in Morris through a project with the Center for Small Towns.
    Wente and Montanez are meeting with focus groups in the Latino community to learn more about whether Latino community members are receiving the support and services they need. Lazos could eventually step in to try and improve those services, like they've done with the ELS classes.
    “We can help spread the word and get other organizations to be more active about making this place even better,” said Roberts.
    Allyce Amidon of the Center for Small Towns contributed to this story. "

    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}

    1st (2011) Annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration at American Legion (Morris, MN)

    This Thursday, May 5th between 4:30 and 9:00 at the American Legion! The event is "come and go", so come and go as you please! The Karaoke contest will be held from 8-9 and signup will be at the event. Again tickets are $7 at the door and $5 in advance. They can be bought at La Tienda, RiverWood Bank, and at the tabling efforts at the UMM Student Center. If you can't make it to one of those but would still like to get the $...5 price, send me a message and I will put you on a list for $5 tickets at the door.


    FOOD!! Edna, the owner of La Tienda and wonderful cook, will be preparing an authentic Mexican meal for everyone.
    - She will be making a delicious traditional Mexican dish called cochinita pibil:
    - Pork and chicken options.
    - Along with that we will have traditionally prepared arroz y frijoles (rice and beans).
    - For dessert we will offer arroz con leche,sweet rice pudding, a common Mexican dessert.
    - Multple "salsas" (spicy and not)
    - To drink: Coffee, Water, Lemonade, and Agua de Jamaica

    PRIZES!! We have more prizes to give away I think than people coming so you are almost guaranteed a prize!!! Aside from these we will of course have various prizes for games for the kids!

    We will be having a raffle and silent auction! You will get a raffle ticket upon entry and extras will be sold for $1. There will also be opportunities to win raffle tickets by playing the Mexican version of BINGO that will be held throughout the event. Here is the extensive list of prizes!
    - PRIVATE COOKING LESSONS from Edna herself!
    - PLENTY of beautiful jewelry, scarves, pottery, and other items straight from Mexico!
    - Assorted Gift Baskets!
    - Rosa Frischmon from Colombia is donating a gorgeous hand made bag!
    - Kevin Flicker from UMM donated a beautiful ceramic piece!
    - Joey Paterson, a UMM graduate, donated 2 Season Tickets to next year's Performing Arts!
    - $50 Visa Gift Card!

    We have plenty of donations from local businesses: -RFC: 3 month membership, 20 punch group fitness pass, basic birthday party package, and a one week guest pass!
    - Morris Floral donated a flower arrangement with the colors of the Mexican Flag!
    -Old #1: two $25 Gift Certificates!
    -Jose's: one $25 Gift Certificate!
    - Subway: 3 Foot Party Sub Coupon: feeds 12-15 people! - Pizza Ranch: 2 Free Buffets! - Radio Shack: Alarm Clock/Radio - BP: Free Car Washes - Pamida: Drawing Toy for Kids - RiverWood Bank: A Nice Lawn Chair! - Gift Basket from Thrifty White Drug And more that I am sure I forgot!

    Again the event is brought to you by a group of local community members working towards creating opportunities for the growing Morris Community. All proceeds will be made public and will go towards programs that promote community engagement and involvement by the Morris Community as a whole!

    Our members include - Windy R. (a Spanish and Education professor at UMM), - Robert F (an English and Spanish teacher for RiverView Dairies as well as devoted volunteer), - Edna M. (owner of La Tienda) and her cousin Juan Del Angel - Lisandra S. (you have seen her working at UMM's TMC and Food Service as well as in her work in the community), -Lorenzo and Guadalupe (a couple who does various work in the community, with Guadalupe a volunteer at the Morris Area Elementary School) -Hilda L. (Assistant to the Chancellor for Equity and Diversity; Director of Equity, Diversity and Intercultural Programs) - and Yuri M. (Student and Volunteer) We are coordinating with UMM's Vamos Juntos, Voces Unidas, and the Office of Student Engagement with great support from Willie's, Riverview Farms, and Superior Industries and the local businesses who have donated to the cause. Thanks to everyone for your help and we hope to see you there!

    So, come out and enjoy this wonderful event! Again, it is "come and go" so come and eat and authentic Mexican meal on Cinco de Mayo, enjoy great music and a wonderful atmosphere, win great prizes, and leave whenever you like or stay and watch the Karaoke contest! We hope to see you there!

    3. Spiritual, Cultural, & Recreational Opportunities


    Contact: Morris Area Churches
    Services Available: Assumption Catholic Churches' (Father Allen) every "first" Saturday of the month mass in Spanish at 6:30pm
    *currently not in session with Father Allen's departure in June of 07'
    Espanol Mass at Morris Assumption Catholic Church

    Espanol Mass at Morris Assumption Catholic Church from GoodnewsMorrisInfo on Vimeo.

    "You are welcome to attend Mass on Saturdays (1st of every month) @7:15pm start at Assumption Catholic Church.. "

    Morris Evangelical Free Church every Sundays starting @7pm
    901 Scotts Avenue (directions) Morris, MN 56267 320-589-2808 Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F
    Espanol Services at Morris Evangelical Free Church

    Espanol Services at Morris Evangelical Free Church

    Espanol Services at Morris Evangelical Free Church from GoodnewsMorrisInfo on Vimeo.


    2011 Vida de Iglesia Collage

    Lord You are good-Señor eres fiel y tu misericordia eterna, from

    I am a friend of God Submitted by Aaron Sanchez on Tue, 02/12/2008 - 15:19
    I am a friend of God Siendo yo como soy, Tu me amas,
    " No Me Soltaras ",


    Contact: UMM's United Latinos club, Service Learning Project, Prairie Renassaince Cultural Alliance, etc..
    Services Available:
    Jose's Burritos (Mexican Eatery)

    *picture taken in July 07', which was my first time-muy delicioso!
    at City Centre Mall (upstairs; serving tacos and burritos since June of 07'. UL's Annual Hispanic Awareness Month events (Poetry Reading, etc..) at UMM Campus
    . Stacy Aronson, an associate professor for UMM's Spanish program

    UMM Students poses with some of the migrant workers that attended the first annual "Cinco" de (6th of) "Mayo" 2005 Community Supper at Assumption Catholic Church. This was sponsored/started by Professor Aronson's Service Learning Project.
    UMM Vamos Juntos-Jane Addams 1st Gathering (Tuesday, September 20th 2011) at UMM-Imholte Building (Room 111)

    Uploaded with
    Uploaded with
    Columbian Presentation by Rosa F. on Tuesday, November 8th 2011

    1st Jane Adams Potluck-Fall 2011

    Jane Adams December White Elephant Gift Exchange

    "What is a "white elephant gift exchange"?.. Here are some photos that didn't make it on this album because of technical errors, so I tried to decorate it to hide the errors."

    2012 Jane Addams 30 second video

    -Recreational Opportunities

    Contact: UMM's Soccer Club, Regional Fitness Center, Morris Community Ed: Sports Activities

    Jose and friends after playing baseball at one of the UMM Softball Fields after I umped a H.S. Girls Softball Game on June 7th

    Services Available:
    -Zumba (latin music)Fitness "Dance" Classes (several each week) -Playing soccer with the UMM Men's/Women's Intramural Soccer Team.

    {Photo Gallery Archive}


    Adult Indoor Soccer Jan27th 2011, from

    Adult Indoor Soccer Jan27th 2011 from GoodnewsMorrisInfo on Vimeo.

    Come Join Us:

    Any Wednesdays from 7:30-9:00pm at the
    Morris Area High School Practice Gym
    (201 South Columbia Avenue)

    Adult Indoor Soccer-Morris Community Ed (contact: Yuri Machkasov)
    "Want to get out of the cold and get some exercise? Love soccer but haven't had the avenue to play it? Want to meet people from around the community? Well you are in luck as we are putting together an indoor soccer league for 18+ adults! Join us we play the most popular game in the world which hasn't quite made an impact in Morris yet. We already have many interested so number are not an issue! It will be 6 on 6 indoor soccer and we plan to have a few games going at once.
    *all skill levels are welcome

    Who-18+ adults from the community
    What-Indoor soccer
    When-Wednesdays, 7:30-9p
    Where-Morris Area High School Practice Gym
    14 sessions-January 26-April 27, Course No. 2921

    4. Safety and Security

    "The community provides appropriate safety and security measures for all and actively addresses the causes and consequences of violence"
    Contact: Morris Police Department and UMM Campus Police, Morris Fire Department, Human Rights Commission
    Services Available: City of Morris Police Deparment has a police officer taking a Spanish Language class. possibly having English/Spanish translators on the force or be contacted when a safety/security issue comes. Also making sure the HRC hold respective authorities accountable of any cultural/racial issues.

    [Bremer Foundation Meeting at Detoys on Thursday, September 8th 20110): There is now a police officer (Shane N.) that is bilingual in Spanish

    5. Community Leadership

    Contact: Leadership Morris
    Current Implementation: NONE at this time: possibly "reaching-out" to the Hispanic-American community to be part of community leadership opportunities/events to serve as a liason/representative for the Hispanic/Latino/Chicano population

  • Name: Vamos Juntos,

  • E-mail: vamosjun[at]
    Meetings: As planned.
    Description: "Vamos Juntos provides opportunities for Spanish students, faculty and members of the Morris area Spanish-speaking community to come together, share experiences and create new opportunities for all.

    6. Environmental Stewardship

    "The community has adequate infrastructure, and all people have access to essential services"
    Services Available: NONE at this time

    7. Infrastructure and Services

    "The community has adequate infrastructure, and all people have access to essential services"


    morris mn

    "de paseo por morris"

    Contact: Morris Transit
    Services Available: NONE at this time
    Resources: Minnesota Drivers Manual in espanol
    Auto Mechanics:
    Advance Auto Parts in espanol
    Tiscali-Spanish Phrase Finder: Car Parts

    AARP Driver Safety Classes in Spanish on May 18th &19th....
    {AARP Spanish Flyer}

    Hola/hi "Spanish-Speaking" Area Community Leaders,

    I just got a request from a community member (UMM Professor Andy Lopez-see down below) to share this info about an up-coming "Driving Safety Classes" for Spanish-speakers....

    * AARP Driver Safety Classes (formerly 55 Alive) will be held Wednesday, May 18 & Thursday, May 19 at 5:30. This is an 8 hour first time class. A minimum of 10 participants registered is required for each class. All classes are held at the Morris Senior Center. To register, call 320-208-6600.

    Andy Lopez
    Phone: (320)589-6314

    Community Networker,

    -Communication Services

    Contact: Info Link, Fed-Tel
    Services Available


    Stakeholders: Stevens County Medical Center, Prairie Medical Associates (Dr. Alfredo), Stevens Traverse Public Health, and area dentists
    Current Implementation: Just talked (5/20/05-Arts&Crafts Fair at M.A.H.S) to Mrs. Roberts, a Spanish teacher at Morris Area High School. She told me she gets calls from the Stevens County Medical Center to be a translator to Spanish-speaking migrant workers that come in-muy bueno! Also, Professor Stacy Aronson shared about her class creating borchures in Spanish for the local hospital, dentists, etc...
    Have health resources translated in Spanish, like..
    I contacted Dr. Alfredo (see article Serving the community, giving to the community Morris Sun Tribune Published Tuesday, June 23, 2009 By Tom Larson)yesterday (7/28/09) by phone and then in person today during the ESL classes I teach at the Morris Community Ed. He shared about his willingness to "reach out" the community and wanted to schedule a community-wide meeting to share this desire.


    "3. Cheap Healthcare THIS Week (2010, 2011, )
    Our North Mobile Unit will be at Assumption Catholic Church on Wednesday, June 30 and Thursday, July 1. On Wednesday, we will be seeing patients from 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Thursday, we will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

    Our Mobile Unit is staffed by a Family Nurse Practitioner, a nurse, and bilingual (Spanish-English) staff members. We provide low-cost health care services for people working in agriculture, but we welcome anyone needing a low-cost clinic visit to stop in and see us.

    To make an appointment, please call (800) 843-8693 and ask for Marilou.

    Peter Turpin
    Community Health Specialist
    Migrant Health Service, Inc.
    Susie Note: Peter Turpin is a UMM Grad and ..., still with a heart for Morris."
    Abbot Northwestern from
    MN Dept of Human Services
    Mayo Clinic Website (Spanish)
    Spanish Resources from Dr. Colbert


    Contact: Stevens County Housing & Redevelopment Authority
    U.S. Department of Housing (Spanish)
    Get Down Payments in espanol for first time homebuyers
    [Bremer Foundation Meeting at Detoys on Thursday, September 8th 20110): There has been a report that a landlord verbally stated that he refuses to rent to any Hispanic families. It was addressed that something needs to be done on this "subtle" issue. Also, there needs to be more family and singe-family rental housing available as current rentals cater more to college students because of more financial rewards.

    Legal Services

    Contact: NONE
    Services Available:
    None locally at this time or unknown if available, which there needs to be more advertised legal services (e.g. lawyers) available. There was an issue back where there was a Hispanic resident in need of a "Spanish-speaking" legal advice (e.g. lawyer) because of the seriousness of the case. Language problems can lead to miscommunication and can lead to legal consequences (e.g. misinterpretation on a case).


    Contact: Stevens County-Social Services
    Contact: Stevens County Food Shelf
    -According to a regular volunteer, they do have some "mexican" (e.g. burrito/taco shells) food that comes off and on-depends on the donations.

    Contact: Stevens County Humane Society
    Services Available:

    8. Economic Opportunity

    Contacts: Morris Chamber of Commerce (Carolyn or Carlen) or Stevens County Economic Improvement Commission
    Services Available:
    [Bremer Foundation Meeting at Detoys on Thursday, September 8th 20110):
    - Riverwood Bank has a couple of Spanish-speaking employees, which has attracted many of the Spanish-speaking community
    -Joses Burritos (Mexican restaurant) would like to expand, which it would be nice to have more "start-up" business seminars or workshops for Spanish-speaking residents to have opportunities on this.

    Bremer Foundation Espanol Services

    Community Feedback:


  • How to Welcome and Get to Know the Hispanic Community in Morris, Minnesota Posted on March 10, 2012

  • "..Cristina Montanez, a Spanish and psychology major in her senior year at the University of Minnesota Morris, asked neighbors at the Morris Listening Session on February 21st if they were interested in helping her brainstorm how to integrate and get to know the Hispanic population. The population has risen 274% in Morris over the past ten years. Many are employed at the local dairy farms, and in nearby Hancock. Cristina, born and raised in El Pablo, Texas, has enjoyed being able to speak Spanish with patrons at the new local Hispanic grocery store, La Tienda. She wants this population to feel welcome and to stay here. She’s well aware of a language and cultural barrier between the Hispanic community and others living in Morris....
    Group discussions led by Montanez suggested exploring the community’s interest in creating a new Spanish class to complement the existing ESL classes, which were originated by a fellow student, Abe Henry, and are now being held on the University of Minnesota Morris campus. Here, more than 50 Hispanic students and community members volunteer to provide child care or to teach the ESL class, like Robert Frishman of Riverview Farms.
    Other strategies? Expanding efforts like the bilingual/cultural exchanges and daycare services offered through the Jane Adams program; the summoning of historic artifacts from the hispanic community to include in the local history museum; more visibility of Community Meals by the Center for Small Towns on Monday nights, including introductions at the beginning of the evening with descriptions of the menu and perhaps, following the Native American lead, asking an elder to lead the cultural discussion about the food; Wednesday night soccer games – held in local high school and elementary gyms through UMM’s organization, Lazos: and building up the town festival celebrating Mexican culture in June.
    “I loved the Listening Session and I wish more people would go to them,” said Cristina, who enjoyed the networking that night. Six Listening Sessions are currently being held in the Upper Minnesota Valley by Clean Up the River Environment with InCommons. This session was also sponsored by The Center for Small Towns. “My favorite part was meeting other people who are interested in improving the community in so many ways and who care about their community,” said Montanez. For her, the most exciting result happened at the end of the evening when she met and started brainstorming with author, poet and teacher Athena Kildegaard. They now want to collaborate on creating a Latino-themed Art Exhibit with the Hispanic community to be featured at a popular art gallery on Main Street in Morris, The Prairie Renaissance Art Gallery. Montanez wants to work through the Jane Adams program to prepare the show because “they’re so good at creating bi-lingual cultural exchanges that encourage families and community members to come together and get to know each other. “ “ I love it here in Morris,” she said.
    If Montanez could find employment to stay in Morris after graduation, she would. “I’d like to work with incoming high school students to help them pursue further education,” she said."

    Re: Sal-thanks for your interest...Re: Sal-community event to spearhead or co partner "targeting" Mexican community?
    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 8:04 AM
    From: "J____
    To: "GoodNews Morris"

    " Sounds great! I also think a little publicity in Spanish about the community meal would be helpful too - Is there anything up at La Tienda for example? And just a thought...most of the hispanics in our community are not "migrant workers" - a number of them are putting down roots and would like to stay.

    So - I will certainly be a person to communicate with once you have a few more ideas. Good luck and please keep me in the loop!

    J___ Re: Sal-hi...great event!...Hispanic?
    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:19 AM
    To: "GoodNews Morris"

    " Hi Sal,

    Thanks for the note, I'm glad you enjoyed the event. No problem about the wrong name - I can't tell you how often that happens, I think Argie and I must be long lost sisters.

    I'm not sure what to suggest because, unfortunately, I haven't connected to the Latino community here yet, but here are some thoughts and I would be happy to be part of a discussion to plan. I think you probably have a couple of different audiences, from what I have observed - first is the men that come to work here and they likely do not have much time on their hands and second the families.

    *Something related to family that would involve children would be good. Any adult activity offered should have childcare included.
    *I wonder if there are any activities that could be offered through MACE, like folklorico dancing. Maybe one of the moms has experience and could help lead.
    *I hear from parents that it is hard to help the kids with homework - we could work on connection to the school
    *You could try to connect to United Latinos on campus - not many Latinos in the group, though
    *I also just read that Willmar had a visit from the Mexican Consulate, maybe that could be useful here.

    I hope that gives you something to start with.

    Thanks, H___

    From: J____
    Subject: Re: Sal-community event to spearhead or co partner "targeting" Mexican community?
    To: "GoodNews Morris"
    Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 10:46 AM

    "Hey Sal!

    I think anything that we can do to include our hispanic population and make them feel welcome in the community would be fabulous. I am hoping though, that you might include them in the planning/prep. I know a few years back someone did a meal of some sort and the food that they prepared was so AMERICAN - even though they called them tacos - that it was laughable. I think this would be an important element in anything that you planned - I would love to assist you in brainstorming some ideas and getting the latinos involved!



    La Tienda

    (official site)

    Revisiting immigration�s past Morris Sun Tribune Published Wednesday, January 09, 2008
    "By Tom Larson
    Sun Tribune
    Nancy Huot opened LaTienda in May 2006 and envisioned the store as a cultural resource as much as a place for Hispanics to find familiar grocery items. Huot�s efforts to bridge the cultural gap between Hispanics and majority populations in West Central Minnesota led the Morris Human Rights Commission to honor her with the 2008 Human Rights Award.
    Nancy Huot opened LaTienda in May 2006 and envisioned the store as a cultural resource as much as a place for Hispanics to find familiar grocery items. Huot�s efforts to bridge the cultural gap between Hispanics and majority populations in West Central Minnesota led the Morris Human Rights Commission to honor her with the 2008 Human Rights Award.
    Nancy Huot had some political capital with the Morris City Council and she didn�t waste time letting it be known she was willing to spend it
    ....more (see La Tienda
    La Tienda opens doors to area�s Hispanic community Morris Sun Tribune
    Published Saturday, May 12, 2007 By Tom Larson Sun Tribune
    La Tienda owner Nancy Huott and manager Marco Chapa " La Tienda, a grocery and services store geared to the area�s Hispanic community, is open on Morris� main street.
    The brainchild of Nancy Huot, La Tienda went from concept to opening in about six months.
    Huot said that while La Tienda caters to the needs of Hispanics, that isn�t its sole aim.
    �We�re hoping the whole community comes and sees what�s here,� Huot said. �We want to make a store for everybody.�
    La Tienda is a building adjacent to Bremer Bank on Atlantic Avenue in Morris and will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays.
    The store would offer retail items such as perishable and non-perishable food, clothing and other items specific to the Hispanic culture that can�t be found in Morris.
    La Tienda also offers other services, such as help with mailing, wire transfers, check cashing, and soon will have a computer available for Internet use.
    There are magazines and music selections, and Huot intends to publish a weekly news flier that will bring news headlines and sports scores from Spanish-speaking countries.
    Huot told the Morris City Council earlier this year that, �It will be an outreach store, not just a retail store.�
    Currently, many in the minority community have to travel to larger cities, such as Willmar or St. Cloud, to find products with which they are familiar, Huot said.
    Such a store in Morris will not only help bridge a cultural divide, it will help keep consumer dollars at home.
    In conversations with community organizations, Huot estimates the Hispanic population in Morris and surrounding areas at between 250 and more than 500, depending on the season.
    Comfort and convenience is the aim of any grocery business, but they are of even greater importance to people who are adjusting to a new culture and language.
    Huot hired Marco Chapa as La Tienda's manager. Chapa has experience with ordering inventory and other tasks crucial to the operation, having worked in a restaurant and bar in Saltillo, Coah, Mexico.
    �He�s been a huge help,� Huot said.
    La Tienda carries products familiar to Hispanics.
    They walk into a store and they know what this is,� Huot said, picking up a box of a laundry soap popular in Mexico. �But we wouldn�t have any idea. It�s the same from them shopping (in U.S. groceries). It will be nice for them to be able to know what they�re buying. A lot of it is the same stuff, just familiar brands. It�s about being confident in what you�re buying.�
    Most of the store�s good are ordered out of Chicago, but the produce comes from the Twin Cities, and meats and dairy products are coming from local producers. They�ve been helpful, Huot said, noting that Hispanic customers use the same types of meats but they are cut differently. Hancock Meats has worked to produce those cuts.
    Convenience is also important for the area�s Hispanic population. Many work six-day weeks, then face the prospect of driving several hours to find products.
    Huot said she�s already heard from potential customers in South Dakota who intend to shop in Morris.
    �When you have one day off and you spend two or three hours of your day driving, that�s hard,� she said. �I knew most of the Hispanic workers had to go out of town to shop, and it seemed like a long way to go to buy products we can find right here in town. (The store) became kind of a �why not� thing.� a Tienda manager Marco Chapa sells a phone card on the new grocery store�s first day of business Wednesday in Morris. La Tienda owner Nancy Huot saw for need to such a store in the area after learning that Hispanic residents spent hours driving to larger cities to buy familiar items.
    a Tienda manager Marco Chapa sells a phone card on the new grocery store�s first day of business Wednesday in Morris. La Tienda owner Nancy Huot saw for need to such a store in the area after learning that Hispanic residents spent hours driving to larger cities to buy familiar items. "

    City loan to aid store geared to area�s Hispanics Morris Sun Tribune Published Saturday, January 13, 2007
    " A modest loan from the city could mean a better quality of life for Hispanics and other minorities living in the Morris area.
    The Morris City Council on Tuesday approved a $12,500 loan from its Revolving Loan Fund to help develop a proposed store catering to the needs primarily of the Hispanic community.
    Council members approved the loan in their role as the city�s Economic Development Authority.
    Nancy Huot, of Morris, is proposing to open the store, La Tienta, on March 1. Currently, she�s working to obtain space in what was a video store adjacent to Bremer Bank on Atlantic Avenue in Morris.
    Huot told the council the store would offer retail items such as non-perishable food, clothing and other items specific to the Hispanic culture that can�t be found in Morris.
    La Tienta could eventually offer other services, such as help with mailing, emailing, wire transfers, check cashing and other assistance geared to people who are new or unfamiliar with the area, Huot said.
    The product line and services could be expanded to serve other minority communities if the need arises, she said.
    It will be an outreach store, not just a retail store,� Huot said.
    Currently, many in the minority community have to travel to larger cities, such as Willmar or St. Cloud, to find products with which they are familiar, Huot said.
    Such a store in Morris will not only help bridge a cultural divide, it will help keep consumer dollars at home.
    �We could bring that shopping that that community does back into Morris,� Huot said.
    In conversations with community organizations, Huot estimates the Hispanic population in Morris and surrounding areas at between 250 and more than 500, depending on the time of year.
    The store's predicted first-year cash flow is based on having 80 customers per week spending an average of $25. Huot, who has a degree in agriculture finance, estimates $15,000 in start-up expenses. The proposed city loan pay-off is over five years with payments beginning four months after the funding date.

    For contact info: 320.589.0272

    Lastly, one topic that wasn't discussed at this was this community issue: -"What good is it having the "migrant workers" here?"

    -Some myths and f.a.q are that I've heard so far:
    Myth: "They" are taking all our jobs?
    Fact: The jobs "they" usually take are ones that no one wants

    Myth: "They" are taking trying to befriend young girls (underage) in the community and cause trouble?
    Fact: Some of them are already married

    ....more related issues/topics

    Morris Community Events Archive

    Dinner intended to make immigrants feel at home
    By Brian Williams, Sun Tribune 05/11/2005

    It was a festive Cena De La Communidad. That's Spanish for �dinner for the community,� explained Bobby Goodfellow, chief organizer of the Friday night event that filled the fellowship hall of Assumption Church.
    The event was conceived by a group of students in the service learning portion of Stacey Parker Aronson�s Spanish class at UMM. They planned a dinner with authentic Mexican cuisine as a means of helping immigrant farm workers in the Morris area feel more at home here.
    The food was ample and received good reviews in this Cena De La Communidad, enjoyed by many from both the UMM community and general community. It sent a message that the new immigrant residents ought to feel fully at home in West Central Minnesota, lest there be any doubt.
    Goodfellow estimates there are between 100 and 200 immigrant farm workers who were the main honored guests for the Friday gathering.
    The public supper was �intended to help them feel more comfortable in the city and general community,� Goodfellow said. �They come to town to buy things, go back home, and might not feel as part of the community as we�d like them to be. With this dinner they can come, enjoy the meal and make connections with each other along with students and other community members.�

    The immigrants are primarily from Mexico and employed mainly by Riverview Dairy Farm and West River Dairy Farm, both in Stevens County. The dinner was free. Its sponsors included the International Programs Committee at UMM, the United Latinos (a UMM student organization), the Morris Human Rights Commission, Assumption Church, UMM Food Services personnel, and an anonymous donor.
    The Morris Human Rights Commission was represented at the supper, continuing its work helping ensure that the immigrants are fully knowledgeable about wage laws and other rights.
    �This supper helps make them truly feel like members of the Morris community,� Goodfellow said.
    Being new has its challenges for everyone, but in the case of people looking at cultural barriers, that challenge could be seen as more daunting, in Goodfellow�s view.
    He explained that �I�ve seen where these farm workers might not feel as welcome as they might. It think it�s the responsibility of people in the town and on campus to help them all know that they are members of the community here at Morris, and what�s more, all of us want them to be here!�

    Will the Cena De La Communidad become annual? Goodfellow said �we hope to pass it on to the United Latinos, so hopefully a student group will handle this annually.�

    Goodfellow, 20, is a UMM sophomore from Mound Westonka High School, Class of 2003. He�s pursuing a double major in Spanish and geology at UMM. Why did he choose UMM? This goes back to a summer scholars class that he attended here between his junior and senior years in high school, he said. The scholars class was called �Biotechnology: Tinkering With Nature,� and it was taught by Van Gooch and Tom Turner. Students from a five-state area attended. �I was hooked on Morris,� he said said. He�s looking ahead to graduate school, specifically several programs intended to bring college graduates to foreign countries to help teach English. He gave as an example the Japanese English Teaching Program. His hard work helping make the Cena De La Communidad successful will suit a resume in this career nicely.

    Community Language-Translator Contacts:

    Number Community "Translator" Background Contact Info
    1 Stacy Aronson an associate professor for UMM's Spanish program Phone: (320) 589-6290
    2 Windy Roberts, Teaching Specialist Divisions of Humanities and Education University of Minnesota, Morris, 320-589-6294 (office): 320-589-4628 (home)
    E-mail :
    3 Alfredo Altamirano " PA-C, MPAS PMA (Prairie Medical Associates) /ELEAH" 3205894008 24 E. 7th St Morris, MN 56267
    4 Robert Frischmon " Dairy Farm: Language Teacher (teaches English to "Spanish-speaking" managers & Spanish to "English-speaking" workers)" 320.392.5609 (Cell #)
    5 any others in the community you know? " any others in the community you know?
    6 any others in the community you know? ""

    Also, check the Morris Community Ed bulletin for future Spanish Classes!

    Intro to Spanish Conversation & Grammar 1
    Instructor: Matt Johnson (well rounded UMM student-who has helped with ESL classes!)
    12 Sessions-$70-Course No. 1901
    Tues & Thurs, Oct. 6-Nov 12 7-8p (Fall of 2009)
    Elem -2nd floor-, Pod-C, Rm 215

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  • -Classes

  • Language Translation and Interpreting Program (TRIN), from

  • 3300 Century Avenue North, White Bear Lake, MN 55110
    General number: 651-779-3200 Toll-free: 1-800-228-1978
    "Century's new Translation and Interpreting program (TRIN) focuses on training students who want to help non-native English speakers communicate with the English-speaking community.
    Our program is designed to prepare students with the critical thinking and interpreting skills necessary to pass interpreter certification examinations, and to begin interpreting careers.
    In addition, students will learn to administer accurate, culturally competent interpretations in a variety of settings in our increasingly diverse communities."

    Community Learn English Classes

    Number Community "Classes"-Date Location Contact Info
    1 Morris Evangelical Free Church (Tuesday evenings @7:30-8:30p) 901 Scotts Avenue Morris, MN 56267-1174 Robert Frischmon (320) 589-2808
    2 Morris Community ED (Wednesdays @6-9p) 600 Columbia Avenue Morris, MN 56267-3708 Steve Sterud (320) 589-4394)
    E-mail :
    3 Morris Literacy Project (scheduled appointments) "location varies" Sal Monteagudo H#320.585.5573 & C#651.338.2929
    4 Robert Frischmon Monday-Fridays (dairy farmers only) " Dairy Farm: Language Teacher (teaches English to "Spanish-speaking" managers & Spanish to "English-speaking" workers)" 320.392.5609 (Cell #)
    5 University of Minnesota Morris-Humanities Building Sundays & Thursdays @7:30-9p (Humanities Rm. 204 -campus map) Contact "Katie Barrol" & Yuri Machkasov
    6 any others in the community you know? ""

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  • Program in Translation and Interpreting , from

  • " the University of Minnesota is committed to building the capacity of Minnesota institutions, businesses, and public services to communicate with speakers of all languages through translation of written texts and competent interpreting of spoken communications...


  • Minnesota Department of Human Services - Limited English Proficiency (LEP) DHS image Spanish from

  • Spanish: (888) 428-3438


  • Immigrant Guide, from Rochester's Diversity Council
  • Language Resources,

  • PO Box 724 Worthington, MN 56187 (507) 372-5708
    *referred by Nicole C. (Thursday, August 12th 2010)
  • Translation Services in Minnesota, from
  • Nation-GoodnewsUSA


  • "Our firm was established to provide efficient communication by utilizing our technology platform to answers questions/requests related to emergency situations such as Hurricane, Tornados, Wildfires, Earthquakes for businesses. Recognizing that the needs of each customer are unique, we focus on helping you work toward successful solutions. We are dedicated to responding promptly to your needs based on a thorough understanding of your question/request. "

    Spanish Translation, Interpreters ,Translators

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