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Adnan's 1st Time at the Fair

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  • 2012 County Fair was one to remember, Published August 13, 2012, 11:05 AM

  • The 2012 Stevens County Fair had a little something for everyone.
    "..Check out our photo gallery for a look at some of the fun from the Stevens County Fair. Also included is video from the Buffington Rodeo on Saturday night...



  • The 138th annual Stevens County Fair kicks off on Wednesday, Aug. 10 in Morris Fair Board invites you to “Come at 7:00 and stay until 11:00” Published August 09, 2011, 08:54 AM

  • "The 138th annual Stevens County Fair kicks off on Wednesday, Aug. 10 in Morris.
    Over the five days, visitors can take in a full schedule of events at the fairgrounds. The full schedule is printed on the back page of this newspaper.
    The annual Fair Supper will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday and is free with the purchase of a fair button. Parking is free and there is no charge to attend.
    Wednesday is also open class entry day. Bring your entries to the Open Class building between 8 a.m and 5 p.m. Homemakers can enter their items between 7 and 8 p.m.
    The entertainment for this year’s supper will be participants from the Kiwanis’ Talent Show along with Katie Rae. At 6:10 pm there will be a drawing for a trip to Las Vegas. All buttons have a number listed on the face of them and the holder of the button number drawn will have 24 hours to claim the trip.
    Other prizes will be given out over the course of the fair. Winning button numbers will be posted outside the fair office.
    This year’s grandstand lineup includes mud, noise and thrills. Friday night is the Enduro race including small and large cars racing to see who can make the most laps in a given amount of time. There are two classes of cars this year, the larger cars and small front wheel drive cars.
    Saturday changes from cars to motorcycles and ATVs with the Super Cross event at 5:30 p.m. At this event large piles of dirt are put on the track area in front of the grandstand and the cycles jump them during their race. Riders start as young as five in this event and it gets wild in all the classes as they fight for that checkered flag. There are about 14 classes of bikes for all ages. The ATV mud run is also part of this event. This is a timed event and the drivers must get through a mud pit.
    The Bank of the West Demo Derby closes out the grand stand schedule on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Cars and pickups will be included in the annual demo derby. Drivers compete for the trophy and prize money in each class.
    Local riders and drivers are encouraged to participate in these events. Details and entry forms are located on the Fair’s Web site, or email the fair as
    Of course, there are also a number of free shows throughout the fairgrounds. One of the more popular shows is a demonstration by the Stevens County canine unit. Deputy Graham Holtberg and his K-9 partner, Rico, will give a demonstration on Friday at 1:30 and 3 p.m., Saturday at 1 and 5 p.m. and Sunday at 3 and 5 p.m. at various locations on the fairgrounds.
    There is also a full schedule of 4-H judging activities.
    There are two new 4-H events for the 2011 Stevens County Fair. Aquatic Robotics is a new and fun adventure in 4-H. Look for the booth located in the back of the 4-H Building for this addition. 4-H members will be sharing the seaperch they built and demonstrate how they work. You will even get an opportunity to try out the seaperch. The Aquatic Robotics booth will be open on Sunday, Aug. 14, from noon – 2 p.m.
    Want to see the livestock upclose and personal? Learn about the animals from feed to care? Learn what is involved to show the animals? A Livestock Show and Tell event is planned on Saturday, Aug. 13, at 10:30 a.m. in the 4-H Livestock Arena. 4-H youth will have their animals on display and be there to share their knowledge and answer your livestock questions. There will be stations for horse, beef, dairy, sheep, swine, poultry, rabbit and goat. "



  • 137th Stevens County Fair begins Wednesday Fair is ‘Free Again in 2010’ Published August 06 2010

  • *click the picture above for more pics
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    Stevens County Fair 2010 Photo-Video Slideshow

    "Sheep that was interviewed (Opinion on the Minnesota Twins, Vikings, weather, ectc...) was not harmed "physically" in the taping of this video...
    *see Summer 2010

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  • A Fair-ly wet Thursday Morris Sun Tribune Published Friday, August 15, 2008

  • "A brief but hard rainfall put a temporary damper on activities Thursday afternoon at the Stevens County Fairgrounds in Morris.
    Unofficially, about sixth-tenths of an inch of rain fell in about a half-hour period late in the afternoon.
    Vendors found relief from the flooding fairgrounds on Thursday at the Stevens County Fairgrounds.

    "Race to Heaven in 2007"

    Awesome theme this year, dont' you think! When I (Sal) first found out about this theme at work (DAC), I got so excited! I shared this with a friend in my local church and other prayer groups, which we feverently prayed for an awesome year at the fair. Today (Sunday, August 12th of 2007), I reflect on an answer to prayer during Friday-Saturday. We had a downpour Friday night during the fireworks (10pm) at the fair. It would stop and then start again around 1am the following morning (I know because the storm actually woke me up!). It was good rain-what an awesome blessing!

    Friday, August 10th of 2007

    I wasn't able to get to the fair for the first time this year until Friday. I've been so busy the other past nights. Anyways, I took one of the residents I worked with at the group home for at least an hour tour. We had lunch cooking up back at the house, so we didn't eat too much!

    Above are some cool animals we saw in the various barns we visited.

    It was before noon, so the rides weren't open yet!

    Saturday, August 11th of 2007

    -Heaven Booth Outreach

    I was helping with the Heaven Booth: 2 Question Test this year, which I did the 6:30p-10pm shift. My partner (2 by 2 as Jesus sent his disciples) was John T., which we had a fun time. This year, our church/congregation family (Morris Community Church) decided to make balloon objects (below are just a few of the samples we-or John T.-did!

    We had a lot of prayer before, during, and after. Our shift started very quickly as I relieved a friend Lyle O. as the demand for these balloons went very quick. We finished the last package of balloons by 8pm. Just seeing the smiles of the kids getting balloons was "priceless". After 8pm, we had some balloons left, but it was for John and I to play with.

    We had several people that passed by and didn't even want to look at John or I. I could see in the eyes of folks that passed us-some looked like they were hurting, "spiritually hungry", or jus have a hard heart. There were seveal folks that passed by and said harshly, "I don't have to take the test because I know I'm going!" One of the folks that said this and I responded (verbally saying out loud on what was on my mind after repeated responses like these earlier) "Good, why don't you share this with others". I'm not sure if she heard me because she was walking away fast. As I reflect on this, I feed a little dissapointed of "so called Christians" that keep this gift to themselves and don't have the burden to share the "Good News" with the "lost".

    There are some (others I can't share due to public/private matters) cool stories I would like to share from this experience:

    "Little Girl Smiles after getting the last balloon"
    There was one little girl that came and ask for a baloon and we told her we ran out. The mother told her this and asked if it was "ok". The little girl wimpered and said "no" as she looked down at the floor. I felt so sad for her, so I humbley (it was a tough decision-j/k!) decided to give my own little mouse balloon to her and she smiled and left. I laugh as I write this and thought just little randomn acts of kindness like this really puts a smile for kids. Most importantly, this gives glory to God!

    "Quick Drive-By Salvation Message"

    We had 3 young kids anxious about taking this test mid-way to the end of our evening shift. They appeared to be very hyper as John stated, "just being kids". I basically went through a summary of the "2 Question Test" with them and told them they can receive Jesus into their heart anytime. One of the kids kept repeating that she failed the first time and wanted to take the test, which she passed this time. She appeared very excited to share this first time experience with her two buddies. That is why she brought them. Unfotunately, I wasn't able to get them to write on our record books. I'll be praying for them. In fact, if you are reading this, please pray for all the people I mentioned about and others that came through this whole fair. Thanks!

    "Unfinished Milk Shake"
    Torwards the end of our shift around 10pm, I decided to treat John and myself to a cool yummy milkshake. When I got back, I was about to eat my milk shake until 2 boys came in desiring to take the "Two Question Test". I was caught off guard, but was excited. One of the boys from Herman appeared very "hungry" to know the answer. I started out with the recent Bridge Collapse, which they knew about since it was just last week. I asked them, "if you were on the bridge and died, would you know if you would go to Heaven". I just went from there and went through the whole tract. At the end, the two boys sincerely prayed a sample prayer on receiving salvation. I then congratulated them and had them write their names on our record book. After, I was able to finished my strawberry milk shake-slurped it instead of eating it! It was worth the wait as the angels in Heaven had a party after! Someday, I will be able to join them-"See You at the Party!"

    "An Extra Burger Appears-A Miracle/Blessing?"
    I wanted to fast from supper (just had a small salad prior) before this shift I was doing with John, so I was kind of hungry after the shift. As a celebration, I decided to go get a quick late supper at the 4H "Eatery". John T. happened to be there, so I sat with him as I was going to order a cheeseburger with cole slaw. Well, as I was waiting I chatted with John. T. about what he thought about this evening's shift at the Heaven Booth. Then our food came up, so we decided to pray for all the kids that came to the booth and then we started to munch on our food we ordered. I looked at my burger and was suprised to see an extra hamburger meat between the buns! I thought this was wierd, then I thought quickly about the story in the New Testament (Matthew 14) on how the fish and bread multiplied when Jesus was teaching on the mound. I felt it was a miracle/blessing from God! Yeah, some would say that the 4H cookers probably accidentally put the meat-I don't know! I just want to give my Heavenly Father thanks! I'm not really a meat eater, so I just gave my extra piece to John and told him that "you can have it since I stopped growing"...Praise the Lord!

    Follow-UP Report

    I would personally love to hear any other stories of folks that gave the test or took the test. Please feel free to contact me (Sal) at

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